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Auto Glass Tinting in Edmonton

There are numerous benefits to auto window tinting, from the aesthetic (it looks stylish) to the practical (it reduces heat and protects your upholstery). Block out UV rays while increasing your privacy and making your car look better than ever. Sunshine Tint is here for all your vehicle tinting needs in the Edmonton area.

Grades of Tinting Darkness

Auto window tinting is achieved by applying a special film to the glass. We use high-performance tint that’s available in 4 grades of darkness: 5%, 20%, 35% and 50%. These are all the same thickness (1.5 mm), but they will allow you to decide how much light enters.

Gradation Films

Coloured gradation film can give your vehicle a special touch and extra visual flair. We carry silver, gold and blue gradation films, and we can also custom-order other colours like red or green. Gradation film costs more than standard window tinting, but there’s no denying the unique look that they will give your vehicle!

Whatever your vehicle tinting needs, Sunshine Tint can help! Contact us today in Edmonton.

Glass Tinting Specialists

Reduce UV rays and glare while increasing aesthetic appeal

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