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Tinted Windows and Frosted Glass for Your Edmonton-Area Business

With tinted windows, you can create a more relaxing and productive work environment while also saving money on energy. By getting Sunshine Tint to darken the exterior windows of your Edmonton-area business, you can reduce summertime glare and make the indoor space more pleasant for employees and clients alike. Not as much sunlight will enter on bright days, meaning that your space won’t overheat as easily during the summer and you can save money on your air conditioning bill. We also do decorative and frosted glass for a stylish look and added privacy.

Grades of Light Reduction

For your darkened glass, we offer 4 grades of blackness: 5%, 20%, 35% and 50%. All of these are 1.5 mm in thickness and offer different levels of UV protection and light reduction. They’re also scratch and shatter resistant, which can keep your business looking great for years to come. Please be aware that we cater to smaller, one-floor buildings (like retail shops, restaurants and small offices) rather than large commercial blocks.

Frosted Patterns for Privacy & Style

Looking to increase your privacy while giving your glass more visual appeal? We also have films to create the look of frosted glass or decorative glass. From classy white frosted glass to eye-grabbing patterns, these are perfect for giving your office, conference room or reception area more privacy while still letting natural light in. From sparkle squares to bamboo-patterned matte to etched and embossed textures, we have a range of stylish options.

Call us for more details about our commercial tinting and to schedule our service!

Glass Tinting Specialists

Reduce UV rays and glare while increasing aesthetic appeal

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